Which Rooms Should You Remodel First?

Remodeling a room in your home is a great way to create a brand-new space while also adding value to the property itself. If you are thinking of renovating a room in your home or if you want to remodel the entire floor plan, there are a few residential renovation services to hire that can help. Residential renovation services to hire can help with everything from traditional cabinet painting and flooring installation to the remodeling of entire homes from the inside out.


The kitchen is one of the most trafficked areas in any home. It is also among the most valuable when purchasing and selling a home. One of the first residential renovation services to hire and consider includes a local kitchen remodeling service or professionals who specialize in cabinet painting. Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to boost the value of your home while incorporating modern appliances and additions. If you are pondering the idea of remodeling your kitchen, consider the following potential renovations:

  • Cabinetry: Remodeling the cabinets in your kitchen will dramatically change the atmosphere and overall environment of the space. Cabinet types can include traditional oak and various wood styles, as well as farmhouse styles and modern glass cabinets.
  • Kitchen islands: If you have the space available, you may want to consider building a kitchen island in your kitchen itself. Kitchen islands not only add value to the home, but they also provide generous working and prep space. With some kitchen islands, it is also possible to install an entirely new sink, trash compactor, or dishwasher.
  • Walls and floors: Updating the walls and flooring throughout your kitchen can help with creating an entirely new atmosphere as well. Whether you choose to invest in tile, ceramic flooring, or even wooden flooring, new floors can help create any environment you envision for the space.


When you are considering residential renovation services to hire and you are thinking of a bathroom renovation, calling on professionals is best. Bathroom remodeling services can range from updating floors and walls to installing new toilets, tubs, and shower/bathtub combos. Additional bathroom renovations might include installing custom hot tubs or jet tubs that require specialized hookups. Bathroom remodels are ideal if you are looking for a way to expand your master bathroom for more space or if you need additional bathrooms for the members of your household.

Remodeling a bathroom is always a way to invest in low-pressure toilets and energy-efficient shower solutions. Energy-efficient utilities will not only help to reduce water and electricity waste, but they will also help you to cut costs on your monthly bills.

Living Room

If you enjoy spending time watching television or with your loved ones, you are likely to spend that time in your living room. Living rooms are also extremely trafficked and attract the most attention in most homes with first-floor living room spaces. Whether you want to remodel your living room to expand the space you have available or if you want to make it feel more inviting, there are plenty of options when it comes to living room renovations. A few living room remodeling ideas to keep in mind when you are brainstorming the living room you want to create might include:

  • Expanding the space with an addition: If possible, consider investing in an addition to your home if your property allows for it. This will allow you to expand your living room space significantly, which is ideal for larger households.
  • Installing new windows: Lighting plays a major role in how a room’s appearance and atmosphere come together. Turn to professional window installation services to learn more about the options you have for your living room based on room specifications, style preferences, and budgets. Whether you choose to install a large bay window or numerous floor windows, you can change the entire environment and the appeal of your living room with brand-new windows.
  • Creating a bookshelf in the walls: If you are working with professional renovators and contractors, consider creating a bookshelf that is built into the walls of your living room. Not only will the bookshelf provide additional storage space, but it is also a great conversation piece.

Laundry Room

When you are thinking of residential renovation services to hire, the last contractors you might think of involve laundry room renovators and remodelers. However, updating your laundry room is a way to increase its efficiency while also adding value to your home over time. When you are thinking of updating your laundry room, consider the following possibilities:

  • Upgrade your appliances: If you are remodeling your laundry room and want to do so for energy-efficiency purposes, the first step you will need to take is to invest in new energy-efficient washing machines and dryers. Using energy-efficient washers and dryers will reduce the amount of water and energy you are using when completing loads of laundry while also reducing your electric bills.
  • Repaint the space: In most instances, laundry rooms are the smallest spaces in the home, aside from closets and pantries. If you are looking for a way to create a unique space in your laundry room, consider repainting the space. Even if you are working in a small laundry room, a fresh coat of paint can significantly change the look of the area.
  • Update the floors: Another way to drastically change the way your laundry room looks is to turn to a professional flooring installation company. Working with a flooring installation company is a way to obtain a quote for the flooring you require for your laundry room based on the size of your space as well as the type of flooring you envision for the room.
  • Repaint the laundry room: If you are working on a budget or if you have strict time constraints, consider having your laundry room professionally painted. Working with home painters is one way to expedite the process of painting your laundry room even if you have a strict deadline in mind.


Another one of the key residential renovation services to hire as a homeowner who is remodeling their property includes garage door specialists. If you are in the market for a new garage door or if you require repair work or a replacement, seeking out garage door installation professionals is a must. Working with professionals who offer garage door installation, repair, and replacement services is a way to ensure that your garage structure and its features are in the right hands at all times. Some of the benefits of working with specialists who offer garage door replacements and installations include:

  • Knowledge and experience: Garage door experts who specialize in garage door repairs, installations, and replacements understand various types of garage doors available on the market today. Learn more about the different types of garage doors that are available for your type of garage as well as their costs when working with professionals.
  • Proper tools and equipment: Experts who install, repair, and replace garage doors are also well-equipped when working on the doors themselves. Rather than investing in brand-new tools and equipment on your own for a DIY project, professionals will arrive at your home with the proper equipment already.
  • Unique materials and solutions: When you work with an expert who specializes in garage door installation, they will happily show you the options you have when it comes to garage door materials and solutions. Find inspiration by browsing through portfolios and available garage door catalogs provided when working with garage door installers.


Updating and remodeling your home’s backyard is another way to drastically change the landscaping of your property while simultaneously adding value to the home itself. If you are thinking of remodeling your backyard but you’re unsure of where to begin, consider which residential renovation services to hire will be right for you. If you are thinking of implementing trees, shrubbery, and flowers around your backyard, you may want to call on a professional landscaping company or contractor. If you have installed a swimming pool and want to ensure it’s properly cared for during the in-season, consider seeking out professional swimming pool maintenance services near you. A few remodeling projects to consider when you are working on your backyard include:

  • Adding a swimming pool or hot tub: Installing a swimming pool or hot tub in your backyard not only adds value to your home but also helps to make your backyard much more inviting to guests.
  • Creating a cooking or grilling space: Creating a designated space in your yard that is exclusively for cooking and grilling is also a way to make the most out of your outdoor area.
  • Developing an area for children to play: Using sand, woodchips, and soft grass, you can also create a designated area that is safe and secure for children to play in.
  • Creating a garden: Depending on the amount of land you have to work on, you can also implement a brand-new garden in your yard. Gardens are great for showcasing your favorite plants and flowers. They are also extremely useful for those who prefer to grow their own fruits and vegetables from home.


For homeowners, a major remodeling project around the home often includes the basement. Remodeling and renovating the basement in your home is one of the best ways to add value to your property while significantly expanding the living space you have available. Luxury home remodeling services are some of the most important residential renovation services to hire if you are looking to truly transform your basement. Some uses for a renovated basement might include:

  • Additional home office space: Creating a home office space in your basement provides you with room to work without disrupting your first floor’s plan and layout.
  • Playroom: Using your basement space for playrooms for your children provides them with more room to grow and learn.
  • Guest bathrooms: Building a guest bathroom with a jet tub or a specialized shower is also a way to add value and usability to your home’s basement.
  • Bar/entertainment space: Many homeowners choose to renovate their basements to create a space for entertaining friends and serving alcoholic beverages. Whether you choose to build a custom bar or you want to create a space with televisions, gaming systems, and even a fireplace, the options are virtually endless when renovating a basement.

If you choose to hire a professional renovation service provider to help with the remodeling of your basement, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Professional experience: Home remodeling service providers that specialize in luxury renovations and basement remodels are experienced in working with all types of homes and basement styles. When seeking out a remodeling provider that is right for you, ask to view portfolios to learn more about the type of work each contractor or company offers. Reviewing the portfolio of contractors and remodelers will help you to find a provider that genuinely shares the same vision as you for your basement.
  • Licensing: When working with a reputable basement remodeling company or contractor, always verify that they are licensed. Contractors must be licensed to work for clients in their homes. Verifying the licensing of a contractor or company is a way to protect yourself as a homeowner.
  • Insurance: Another important element involved in hiring a contractor or service provider of any kind is insurance. Whenever you are remodeling your basement with a contractor or company, be sure to verify that the provider is currently insured. The insurance they must hold must be for contractors to help protect them as well as you whenever they are working on-site or any time they are on your property.
  • Specialized tools and equipment: In some instances, you may require specialized tools and equipment to complete your basement renovation. This is not always easy or viable on your own, either due to availability, budget, or time constraints. Working with a contractor who has experience in renovating basements is a way to ensure they are fully capable of taking on the job.

Whenever you are thinking of remodeling an area or multiple rooms in your home, turning to residential renovation services to hire is highly recommended. With the right residential renovation services to hire, move forward with the remodeling projects you have in mind for any area of your home, regardless of the size of the project itself.

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