Why Is It Important to Have a Licensed Contractor for Your Project?

People who have worked in home building or remodeling may have acquired the skills needed to remodel houses. Many employers now require workers to become a licensed remodeling contractor. For information about obtaining a license, watch “How to Get Your Contractor’s License” on YouTube.

Video Source

In this 12-minute video, the personable and experienced host explains why anyone who has gained two years’ experience working on the various tasks needed for remodeling needs a contractor’s license to demonstrate their competence in the field, and to qualify for jobs which require a contractor’s license.

The host directs interested applicants to their town’s housing authority, where they can apply for a contractor’s license. Personal and insurance information are requested for the license application, and there is a required fee. You must also pass an ICC exam, but there are available classes and online that can help you prepare for that testing.

The most important thing to include are notarized letters that prove at least two years’ experience in the housing field. To obtain these letters, the applicant should contact construction companies where they have worked, and ask that company to provide them with notarized letters on the company letterhead.

Once all these requirements are submitted and reviewed, you will be granted your contractor’s license.

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