Common Reasons for Home AC Repair

Summers can be brutal. A summer without a functioning AC is unimaginable. When an AC breaks, it is usually due to one of several reasons. The YouTube video “Top five AC problems” discusses some of these reasons. Property owners should be familiar with these common issues.

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Homeowners should know how to identify the problemĀ as it can help a property owner prevent repair issues. It’s not always necessary to hire a professional for home AC repair.

Steps to Prevent Common AC Problems

Some common AC problems may include fan problems or leaking ducts. The fan can break due to a faulty motor, dirt and debris, worn belts, or lack of lubrication. Holes or breaks may form in the ductwork running through a property. Other common problems include dirty condenser coils, frozen evaporator coils, and thermostat problems.

A few simple steps can ensure these common problems do not cause unplanned repairs. Homeowners can replace dirty air filters to prevent clogged filters. In addition, inspect and repair air ducts regularly. This can help to prevent higher energy bills or faulty AC units that don’t produce enough air. Finally, keep the area around the unit free from dust and debris. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep an AC unit performing optimally.


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