How Basement Waterproofing Contractors Keep Your Basement Dry

It’s important to understand how a basement can hold water and why it’s important to waterproof this area. According to this video, basement waterproofing contractors have the ability to prevent this from happening with just a handful of items. Basements are made from these large holes that are poured beneath the foundation of a home.

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The dirt that is displaced from the building from the basement is made of loose soil around the basement, allowing a mix of poor drainage and soft soil to allow water to fill into basements. This is why they’re usually the first parts of a home to flood when there has been flash flooding or storms where there is lots of water. Even if there is a leak in the basement, these techniques will help.

French drains installed in these basements prevent water from entering the area, allowing it to drain into a sump pump. Water gets into the drain before it gets inside, keeping the basement area dry and protected. The water will cycle through the sump pump, and go back out of the home, dumping in an area where it can be repurposed and get back into the natural water table beneath the ground.


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