How to Install a New Garage Door

You can install a new garage door as a do-it-yourself project. However, you will need a manual to help you install the new garage door without any issues. Start with the bottom panel. Here you have to install hinges in the middle of each section to allow the door to turn in the track.

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On the end of the door, the hinge goes at each section and then drop in a roller to keep the door in the track. On the bottom, there is a bracket that you attach a cable that goes up to the spring to help lift the door up and down. You can insert another roller inside to keep the bottom of the door in the track. The weather-stripping now fits right on the bottom of the door. Tilt it into place and it will follow the contour of that rabbit. Tap it up. to fasten it to the door, take up a bracket and lay it on top of the weather stripping then screw the bracket through the weather stripping into the garage door. Use the coarse thread lag screws.

Do not screw through the foam but instead the piece of wood that runs right up the end of the door and provides some structure to screw into. Take the panel and put it on the floor against the opening and center it in the opening.


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