How to Fix the Worst Kitchen Renovations

Most of us have been there before. We’ve renovated some of our homes, and something just doesn’t work. Unfortunately, many happen during kitchen renovations, the most expensive room to renovate. Vivien of Posh Pennies outlines the worst mistakes you can make and how to correct them.

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1. Your fridge sticks out. Although you want the refrigerator to protrude slightly from the edge of the cabinets, it should be an inch or two at maximum. Measure your counters and buy a count-depth fridge.

2. Installing low cabinetry. Cabinets below the waist are difficult to access. Wherever possible, install drawers or retrofit old ones with pull-out shelves.

3. Bold, trendy colored cabinetry. Sure, bright colors are fun, but will they last? Chances are they will not. Go with more traditional colors that won’t look dated in five years, and add color with accents.

4. Gaps above cabinets. New cabinets should run to the ceiling. Close gaps with stacked or false cabinets or add a bulkhead.

5. Inadequate lighting. You need to see what you are doing. Ensure your kitchen has task, ambient, and accent fixtures.

6. Blindly following the kitchen triangle. This is an outdated concept from the 1940s. Create a kitchen layout that works for you.

As noted, you’ll probably make mistakes, but if you avoid rushing into buying things, you can avoid the most significant errors.


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