Understanding the Process of Ductless AC Installation

If You have a home or parts of a house without air conditioning ducts, you can gain the comforts of air conditioning via ductless AC installation. The process is relatively simple, with manufacturers providing systems with everything you need. You can complete most of the ductless AC installation using a handful of standard household tools.

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However, the final steps, which involve charging the unit with refrigerant and installing a 220-volt connection, should be handled by a trained technician.

The first part of the ductless AC installation uses the back bracket to mark the spots for the anchoring screws, drilling holes for the screws, and mounting the bracket. The next step is to use a hole saw bit to drill a hole in the wall large enough for the refrigerant piping and drainage tubes to pass through.

With the inside prepped, you mount the unit on the wall, pass the piping outside, and initiate the external work. The external work involves appropriately mounting the outdoor heat pump condenser and running the tubes to the unit, including securing them to the wall. A trained technician should handle the rest of the installation after connecting the tubes and wiring to the external unit. They will have the equipment and training to handle the job safely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

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