What to Expect During Sewer Repair at Your Home

If your home’s sewer system has a leak, you should call a sewer repair company as soon as possible! the repair crew may not know the problem scope until they send a camera through the pipes. In this case, they might find a leak from the sewer line to an appliance in your home such as a washing machine. That means cutting through the house floor to repair a local problem is impractical, so they’ll tunnel underneath the home to perform the sewer repair.

One of their sewer repair best practices is using shear bands when connecting the existing cast iron and the new PVC pipes. They also use stainless steel hangers, rods, washers, and nuts for their durability. A third best practice includes performing tests that confirm the work is correct, as demonstrated to the inspector and engineer.

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Finally, another best practice is to create an engineer’s report documenting the tunnel, work performed, and percentage of removed dirt returned as backfill since a high percentage prevents settling problems. Sewer repairs can cost from $5,000 to $100,000, so they recommend that home buyers invest in a sewer water leak test before buying a home. If you make this wise investment, you’ll thank yourself later.

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