The Types Of Flooring Supplies You Need For Epoxy Flooring

Have you been interested in trying out epoxy flooring in your home? It may seem complicated, but believe it or not, you can pick up the items needed at a flooring supplies store near you. Let’s take a look!

Before starting, you must ensure that your floor is cleaned and ready to go. You will of course need some sort of high gloss epoxy kit which will include the epoxy and the hardener.

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You’ll also need a paint roller and an extension to make things a little easier.

Some items that you will most likely have at home that will also be incredibly helpful during this process. This includes items such as a bucket that can hold about 5 liters and something to mix everything together with, such as a piece of wood or long stick.

Also, please ensure you are taking the necessary safety precautions such as wearing safety goggles, some like to wear a mask while spreading the epoxy.

Creating an epoxy floor in your home can be a daunting task. However, with just a few items from your local flooring supplies store, you will be ready to start your new project.


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