What Should Be Included in My Luxury Home Build?

Have you ever wanted to create the perfect luxury home for your family? When you’ve decided to build your family’s luxury home, you’ll be able to make your dreams into reality. However, it would be best to include an intensive planning phase, since a luxury home build is a project that takes lots of planning and extensive effort.

First, let’s define a ‘luxury home.’ Most construction experts agree a luxury home is larger than a standard home. Luxury homes are usually built from luxury materials and can include luxury furniture, decor, and high-tech amenities. Here are some of the many considerations you’ll need to review while planning to construct your luxury home:

1. What Materials Will You Build it From?

The first glimpse of your luxury home should clearly convey the ‘luxury’ concept to everyone who sees it. Many contemporary home designers favor sustainable materials, and one popular choice is to use glass walls to bring natural light into the rooms of luxury homes. As for the majority of the home’s walls, many builders disagree on which material is the strongest or the most durable. As for the luxury factor, natural stone exteriors convey a stately beauty but can be very costly.

Other sustainable choices for your luxury home build include using bamboo for your exterior. The increased use of bamboo as a building material has made it a trending selection for your luxury home. Bamboo produces more oxygen than hardwood and filters four times as much carbon dioxide from the surrounding air. It also resembles hardwood, so its appearance on the exterior of your home will look like a typical hardwood home.

As for interior accents inside your luxury home, many builders today choose recycled steel or industrial metals. These metal accents don’t tarnish or rust and will resist mold. They have the strength you’ll need to anchor the walls of your home, and they also provide a stately modern beauty that blends with almost any interior design theme.

2. Crown Your Home With A Quality Roof

Just as with any other home, when you begin the building process, it’s best to start at the top. The integrity of any building depends on a sturdy and well-built roof. If you have experience constructing residential roofing, you may already know that slate and clay are considered the safest and most durable roofing materials. Although those materials are more costly than other roofing materials, their quality and appearance make them worth the extra money you’ll spend on acquiring them.

If you don’t have experience in building a roof, enlisting the help of one of the area’s local roofing contractors will be a necessary expense. The importance of safe roofing is paramount for the safety of your home. Your roof will not only cover your home, but it will also protect it from the elements and help to regulate your inner temperature.

Some homeowners may take their roof construction to the next level by installing solar panels. In addition to these panels being eco-friendly, they will save you money on your energy bills. Solar panels should be installed by professionals who have experience installing solar paneling. They also provide an attractive appearance to your home.

3. Create a Reliable Garage Space

When you plan your luxury home build, it makes sense to include a quality garage. You may also have a luxury car – so a standard garage usually won’t do. If you have several luxury cars, you can install floor-to-ceiling windows on the outside wall of the garage, which will show off your fleet properly.

You may decide to reserve space in your garage for garage storage. Therefore, the garage should be built to accommodate both cars and the anticipated storage. Some homeowners may also use part of the extra space as a spare room. Ensuring your garage walls are well-constructed will separate the garage from the main building and prevent automobile fumes from entering your home.

In addition to creating a sturdy garage, you’ll want to invest in quality residential garage doors. Most people with luxury homes prefer to install automatic garage doors. The most important feature of a garage door is its ability to stay securely closed while your car is inside.

4. Plan a Fantastic Outdoor Space

An elaborate landscaping plan and a flower-filled garden will often accompany a luxury home. Just as the inner designs of your luxury home build are limited only by your imagination, your landscaping plan and green can also display whatever you choose. You should consult a professional fence company to separate your property from your neighbor’s property. Your fence doesn’t need to be at a luxury level, but a luxury home requires a barrier to emphasize its separateness from the perfect fence.

Your garden is not likely to be completely planted when your home is ready for you to move in. If you ensure the lawn has been seeded, along with any planned trees, you can move into your home and leave the work of gardening for a later date. While enjoying your new luxury home, you can continue to invest in its future property value by planting a beautiful garden and completing your dream landscaping plan.

You’ll want to set aside an area for grilling or outdoor gatherings when planning your outdoor spaces. One recent trend has been to include outdoor kitchens in your yard, with a stove and sink outdoors. If you decide on an outdoor kitchen, you’ll need help to properly connect your water and power lines indoors to outdoors.

5. Be Sure to Set a Comfortable Temperature Level

If you can afford a luxury home build, you can install the latest air conditioning systems. Keeping your home cool in the warmer months is essential for your family’s comfort. If you opt for a ‘Smart Home’ (as many luxury homeowners do), your computerized controls and smart thermometer will keep your home at a planned temperature all year.

Just as you’ll want your home cool during the summer, you’ll also want to keep it warm during the winter. One of the newest trends in HVAC services is variant refrigerator flow systems. These systems use refrigerant solutions as a medium for both heat and cooling. This system can transmit both heat and cool air to separate parts of the home- at the same time.

In addition to controlling your home’s temperature, you can enhance the controls in your HVAC system by equipping it to monitor your air quality. Your Smart Home controls can monitor your humidity level. The HVAC technology can also be programmed to initiate air purification services when needed.

6. Design A Beautiful Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms to design during your luxury home build. Using your ‘Smart Home’ will simplify the operation of your kitchen appliances. The interior design of a luxury home can be completed in any format you choose, so the design of your kitchen cabinets will be one of your many decisions. Your individual tastes in style and color will help you pick the cabinet design.

Your choice of kitchen appliances will also be part of your decisions during your luxury home build. Your cooking style and preferences may lead you to install a pizza oven or a bread maker. If you prepare large meals or hold many parties, you may choose an extra-large refrigerator or freezer unit.

If you plan to prepare your meals, you’ll be likely to have preferences for kitchen countertops. Many homeowners favor quartz countertops because of their quality, but your personal preferences will also come into play when selecting the countertops’ style. Home construction experts recommend an average height of 36 inches for countertops, but extremely tall or short homeowners may prefer custom countertops of a different height.

7. Plan for the Right Bathroom Amenities

When you imagine the perfect bathroom to fit your luxury home build, you can choose a toilet, sink, and bathtub that suits your most luxurious fantasies. Your bathroom is often a place to retreat and luxuriate in a warm bath. Planning a luxury bathroom can also include using luxury fixtures and faucets. You might enjoy including an ornate vanity with a makeup mirror.

The size and decor of your luxury bathroom can also be as elaborate as your individual preferences can imagine. If the home has more than one bathroom, not all bathrooms must include a bathtub. You might install a hot tub or storage shelves for towels and linens. One of the bathrooms in the home might have a shower instead of a tub.

8. Create a Welcoming Living Room

When planning the layout of the rooms for your luxury home build, you’ll want to pay special attention to the living room. It’s where your family will gather to watch television or play board games. You can design it to include nooks for a family member’s study session or a school project. Your living room will also be where you’ll hold parties and other family gatherings.

Planning your living room will include wallpaper and curtain choices. You’ll also need to choose furniture and select your lighting fixtures. You might consider getting one of the new rearrangeable couches that include USB ports and allows you to control the volume on your TV. If you like to relax while watching TV, you can plan to include some comfortable recliners.

The design of your living room can emphasize the welcome you want your family and guests to feel. You can include a high-tech entertainment system, including a wall-mounted television and a modern music player with a high-tech sound system. Placing artificial plants or flowers around the room can help emphasize the welcoming theme you want to convey.

9. Including a Luxury Bedroom

You’ll want the bedroom in your luxury home build to allow you to rest and relax in a room that stays at the same level of comfort as the rest of the house. Relaxation begins with your bed; your plans can include a mattress supporting your body while you sleep. You can choose a customized bed style, such as a canopy or a unique bed shape. Your closets can be as large as you decide you want them to be.

The colors of your bedroom walls and curtains should promote a restful and relaxing mood. Design experts suggest relaxing tones like sage, soft pink, and blue-grey or neutral tones like beige. For your curtains, invest in blackout curtains in a complementary color. If you like bright colors, you can bring those into the room with artwork or a comfortable chair.

Be sure your bedroom has adequate lighting. Your lighting fixtures should blend with the style of your room decor. Your Smart Home technology should allow you to customize the room’s lighting level. Consider the option of dimming and heightening the lighting level at the touch of a button.

10. Your Extra Touches, What Do You Imagine?

Since this is your family’s luxury home, the planning phase can help you take steps to include something for each family member. You can also include luxury touches the whole family may enjoy, like the swimming pool of your dreams, complete with an outdoor jacuzzi. You might decide to dedicate one of the rooms of your home for a home office, or personal library or put your family entertainment center in a separate “movie room.”

Artists may want an art studio, while photographers will need a dark room. The only limit to the extras of your luxury home build is the extent of your imagination. Bowling enthusiasts will sometimes install a two-alley bowling room, while pool players or other game enthusiasts may prefer a game room with a custom pool table. The adults in your home may appreciate their customized ‘man cave’ or ‘lady’s lair.’

Building your luxury home will be a labor of love. Although it will take a lot of planning and hard work, you can create the perfect setting for your family to enjoy their home. Let your imagination have free reign, and you’ll have a home you’ll love and be proud of.

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