Home Remodeling Ideas to Make Your Space Feel More Luxurious

A luxurious-looking home can make your home comfortable and enjoyable to live in. It can also help increase its value if you’re considering selling. If you want to make your house more elegant, below are some top ideas, ranging from simple updates to high end remodel projects.

Painting Your Home

You don’t have to invest in a high end remodel to make your home look and feel more luxurious. Instead, something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can transform the space around your home. In addition, when painting your home, you can choose from several colors and design styles, which allows you to express your personality.

One of the top ideas to consider when hiring an interior house painter is a color(s) that makes your home look more expensive. According to Homes & Gardens, colors like red and brown are associated with wealth and status, while others like green and yellow can help boost your home’s ambiance. Consequently, this can give your house an expensive look and a luxurious and inviting feel.

Apart from interior painting, you can also enhance the appeal of your home with exterior painting. A fresh coat of paint on the exterior walls will refresh your home and give it a huge boost in curb appeal. This will help to create a great first impression on the visitors and passersby. And apart from the walls, you can also paint other exterior surfaces like the fence, garage door, and outdoor furniture, which can greatly improve your home’s look.

Updating the Roofing

A roof is crucial in your home; it protects the house from various elements, thus keeping you safe and comfortable. Secondly, it is vital to the heating and cooling of your home, which helps to add more comfort. And last but not least, the roof is one of the most important elements of your home’s curb appeal. Therefore, updating the roof is one of the top ways to give your home a more luxurious look and feel.

You can find several roof remodeling ideas that can help to improve your home. For example, you can hire a local roofing service to repair and restore your damaged or worn-out roof, which can breathe new life into your home. You can also improve your home with various roofing upgrades, like enhancing or replacing the insulation, replacing the soffit and fascia, improving the insulating, and replacing the gutters.

You can also replace your roof if you’re looking to invest in a high end remodel. A new roof can improve your home’s curb appeal, giving it a more sophisticated look and feel. It can also enhance your house’s comfort, energy efficiency, safety, and security. In addition, according to a 2019 NAR Remodeling Impact Report, replacing your roof can increase your home’s value by up to 107%.

Upgrading the Doors and Windows

Doors and windows have essential functional benefits like improving your home’s security and energy efficiency. However, they can also offer several other aesthetic benefits, which can help improve your home’s beauty and comfort. Therefore, if you’re looking for more ways to make your home feel more luxurious, consider investing in a door and windows project.

One of the top ways updating your doors can benefit your home is by improving the curb appeal. A simple remodel like painting your front entry or garage door can give your property’s exterior a major facelift. You can also spruce up your doors by upgrading the hardware features like the handles, door knobs, ringer, doorbell camera, and more. Alternatively, you can invest in a high end renovation, like a new door installation.

Investing in a window remodeling project is another excellent way to refresh and revitalize your home. A high end remodel project like replacing all of your windows can do wonders for your home. First, it can help improve the curb appeal and bring in more natural light, making the house look brighter and more appealing. Also, according to Modernize, new windows have a high ROI of up to 85%, making your home appear more expensive when selling.

Remodel the Basement

The basement is usually a dark and cold space that doesn’t have much use. However, by remodeling it, you can turn it into the most luxurious room in your home. A finished basement can also help to boost the appeal of the rest of your home, for example, by offering storage space, thus reducing clutter.

The best part about a basement remodel is the endless ideas for using the space. For example, after hiring a basement construction company to install finishing touches like new floors, better insulation, and bright, inviting walls. You can then convert your basement into various living spaces, from a bedroom to a gym, home theater, game room, and more. Depending on the preferred use, you can invest in more features, like plush carpets, heated floors, and custom cabinets.

Of course, a complete basement makeover is a high end remodel that can be quite expensive. According to Angi, you can expect to spend between $12,075 and $50,000 revamping your basement. Nonetheless, it is a worthy project to invest in, especially given its high ROI, which helps to add significant value to your home.

Redesigning Your House’ Interior

You don’t always have to change the structure of your home or invest in a high end remodel to make it luxurious. Instead, you can make your house feel new again with simple redesigns. But, if you have the budget, you can invest in more luxurious design changes, giving your home an upscale and sophisticated look and feel.

If you want to make simple changes, you can start by decluttering your home. According to research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, clutter can make you feel stressed, making your home very uninviting. But clearing, cleaning, and organizing your house can make it feel more spacious, inviting, and comfy.

Apart from decluttering, you can give your home a luxurious feel with several other interior design ideas. For example, you can add interest to the walls by hanging mirrors, art pieces or installing bookshelves. You can also improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and comfort with simple updates like painting an accent wall or door and changing the light fixtures.

You can also make your home feel more luxurious by investing in more high end interior design updates. For example, you can invest in glamorous furniture and fixtures that give your home a palatial feel. You can even hire a home remodeling contractor to tear up and redesign the entire space, giving it a more spacious and modern floor layout.

Repairing the Foundation

Foundation damage can cause several problems, including cracks in the walls and ceiling, gaps in the doors and windows, stuck doors, bouncy floors, and sagging walls. While these are primarily structural issues, they are also an ugly eyesore that can give your home an unattractive, worn-down, and unkempt look. Therefore, hiring a foundation contractor to fix these issues can help to spruce up your house, making it feel more stunning.

When repairing the foundation, the type of solutions needed will depend on the damage to your home. For example, you may need to look into concrete cement companies to fix slab, ceiling, or wall damage. A cement contractor can also help to fill the void in a bubbly foundation. Lastly, you can hire contractors to fix other structural damages to your walls, windows, and doors.

Repairing your foundation also gives you the perfect opportunity to tackle other renovations, especially on the affected part of the home. For example, you can hire a drywall contractor to restore the walls and ceiling affected by the cracks or a painter to spruce them up and hide the damage. You can also invest in a high end remodel project like replacing your flooring, which might even be necessary if your home has suffered interior foundation damage.

Building or Improve Your Deck

According to a National Association of Home Builders survey, 75% of buyers want a deck in their home. There’s a reason why a deck is a popular feature among homeowners; it creates a usable and beautiful space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors. It can also add sophistication and, consequently, value to your home. Therefore, if you’re searching for more ideas to make your home more luxurious, consider investing in a deck.

You should hire deck services to create a beautiful space on your property if your outdoor area is bare. And the best part is that you can choose from several types of structures, including a swimming pool, attached, detached island, wrap-around, and even a rooftop deck. You can also choose from several materials: wood to PVC, composite lumber, concrete, plastic, tile, aluminum, and more.

You can also spruce up your home and make it more luxurious by improving your existing deck. For example, projects like power washing, re-painting, and resurfacing can instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal. You can even replace your deck if damaged or worn out, transforming your exterior from a dull-looking eyesore into a bright and inviting space.

Lastly, you can invest in high end remodels to make your deck, and consequently, your home, more luxurious. For example, you can add a fireplace, adding a cozy ambiance to your outdoor space. You could also install luxury amenities like a hot tub, an outdoor kitchen, or a gazebo.

Plant and Care for Trees in Your Yard

According to The Nature Conservancy, in 92% of U.S. communities, high-income neighborhoods have around 15% more tree cover than low-income neighborhoods. This shows that trees are considered a luxury feature in most places. Therefore, adding lush greenery around your property is another excellent way to make your home feel more opulent.

The best part about trees is that they don’t require high end remodels to make them work. You only need a little space in your yard to plant one or a few. However, to get the best out of your trees, consider hiring a local tree service company to advise you on the best species and where to plant them.

Besides planting, you must also take care of your new and existing trees to encourage healthy growth. Therefore, you must invest in tree care services like weeding, pest control, and irrigation solutions. Also, you should trim and prune your trees regularly to keep them and your yard looking neat and beautiful.

Lastly, your home can also benefit by having fewer trees. This might be necessary if you have a that is blocking the view, causing damage to your home, or has become an eyesore due to dead or disease-infected branches. In this case, hiring tree removal services can help to clean up your yard, improving your home’s curb appeal.

Improving the Landscape

Trees are not the only outdoor feature that can make your home appear luxurious. After all, the rest of your landscape is just as important to your home’s look and feel. Therefore, you also need to invest in landscaping solutions to keep your entire outdoor space looking nice.

Where landscaping is concerned, the best place to start is always the lawn. If you have an existing turf, hiring lawn services like mowing, trimming, and edging can help to transform your yard, making it more inviting. You can also invest in services like seeding, fertilization, and irrigation to plant a new lawn or restore an existing one.

Besides lawn care, you can also make your home more luxurious by investing in high end remodel projects for your landscape. For example, you can add a water feature, like a backyard pond, to create a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere around your property. You could also enhance your home’s exterior spaces by installing (or adding) landscape lighting.

Lastly, hardscaping is another excellent idea for giving your home’s exterior a makeover. You can hire a hardscaping contractor for projects like installing a driveway, pathway, pavement, patio, water fountain, fire pits, and fence. These features can increase your usable outdoor area while offering a nice contrast with green space, greatly enhancing curb appeal.

Every homeowner desires to live in a beautiful and luxurious-looking space. And contrary to how it might seem, turning your property into a dream home doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want to spruce up your house, the above are some of the top ideas you can invest in. They include simple updates and high end remodels, all of which can significantly change the look and feel of your home.

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